Topical Reviews

This section highlights narrated presentations and technical papers of topical work being done through our laboratory to solve current industry problems.

Geomechanics Of Unconventional Shale Gas Plays

This presentation integrates the petrology, rock mechanics, and geomechanics to identify prospective shale plays and optimize fracture stimulation designs!

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Use Of Rotary Sidewall Cores For Rock Mechanics Testing

This presentation shows that rotary sidewall cores can be used for rock mechanics testing. Finite element simuations and tri-axial compression tests were conducted!

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Water-Fracs: We Need Proppant After All

This is Britt's 2008 Distinguished Lecturer presentation on "Treated Water As A Fracturing Fluid!" The presentation details the integration of lab measurements in the development of water-frac treatment designs.

Additional Resources

This section includes additional presentations, references, and topical reviews of geomechanical investigations being conducted to address industry concerns. Sign Up and a link will be emailed when new materials are included.


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