Lab Services

Britt Rock Mechanics Lab offers a broad range of testing services to meet the petroleum industry's needs in drilling, completion, and well stimulation. Through our relationship with the University of Tulsa we now offer a complete line of petrophysical services as well.

The laboratory's mission is to collect and measure data that improves understanding of the fracturing process in a given reservoir, thus simplifying an otherwise complex process and improving the likelihood of success on any fracturing program.

Rock Mechanics Lab

At the heart of our services is the rock mechanics laboratory that consists of a triaxial load cell on which stress-strain measurements can be made to determine:

Additionally, a "Built for Purpose" fines migration and embedment testing service is available for determination of the optimum completion technique for wells producing from unconsolidated reservoirs and to establish gravel size criteria. Other laboratory capabilities include proppant quality control testing, particle size distribution, and proppant stress cycling affects on fracture conductivity.

Standard Tests

Shale Prospectivity Testing

  • Petrology
  • Rock Mechanics
  • Geomechanics

Compression Tests

Additional Tests

  • Tenisle Strength
  • Creep Testing
  • Acoustic Testing Under In-Situ Conditions
  • Determination of Static and Dynamic Elastic Properties
  • Determination of Failure Envelope
  • Stability Analysis

Other Services Offered Through Britt Rock Mechanics Laboratory

  • Porosity and Permeability Measurements at Pressure
  • Grain Density and Boyles Law Porosity
  • Thin Sections Preparation and Photos
  • SEM Analysis
  • Geologic Description
  • Lithologic Description
  • Magnetic Susceptibility
  • Mercury Injection
  • Plug NMR
  • Centrifuge NMR
  • Laser Particle Size and Distribution Analysis
  • Compressional and Shear Velocity Analysis at Pressure
  • Anelastic Strain Relaxation (ASR)
  • Circumferential velocity measurement (CVA)
  • Shear Wave Birefringence
  • Anisotropic Elastic Constants


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