About Us

Britt Rock Mechanics Laboratory, LLC was formed in 2008 as a Rock Mechanics Laboratory operating at the University of Tulsa. It was founded to develop solutions to the geomechanical obstacles of the Petroleum Industry, and provides integrated solutions to some of the most challenging industry problems.

The founder, Larry K. Britt, has a B.S. in Geological Engineering and a Professional Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Britt has over 35 years in the Petroleum Industry and nearly 25 years operating a Rock Mechanics Laboratory (Previously at Amoco Production Research and NSI Technologies, Inc.) and is a member of the Mines and Metallurgy Academy.

Jerry Schoeffler is the lead laboratory technician. He has nearly 30 years of experience with the equipment and has worked with Britt at Amoco Production Research and at NSI Technologies, Inc.

Experience In The Lab

Our laboratory team has been collecting quality and repeatable lab measurements for many years. Some of the technical advances that have been made include:

  • Methodology to ID Shale Prospectivity
  • Robust Dynamic to Static Young's Modulus Correlation for Clastics
  • Use of Rotary Sidewall Cores for Triaxial compression testing

Experience In The Field

Our team has a long history of applying fracturing technology in the field. The application of lab measurements has been utilized to solve many fracturing problems, such as:

  • Water Frac Design Guidelines
  • Fluid and Proppant Requirements
  • Gravel and Proppant Sizing Criteria

Experience Solving Industry Problems

Our team has a long history of solving industry problems through the collection and application of laboratory data. Some examples Include:

  • Water Frac Design Guidelines
  • The effects of stress cycling on fracture conductivity
  • Geomechanical measurements to understand waterflood induced fracturing


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